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Contact Phone Numbers UK; Your One Stop Site for All Your Service Providers

Have you ever wondered how it would be if you could get all contacts of your favorite service providers on one page? Do you want a movie? Maybe you are thinking of getting a budgeting loan. How about if you want to buy some tickets to your favorite game? Or maybe you are tracking the shipping progress of your items from Ebay. Maybe you are looking for contacts of your local Job Centre Plus office, or you want to renew your passport, or get some advice on tax issues. 

Sometimes you may just want to call your gas service provider in case of a leak or to remind them that the servicing of your boiler is due. You can get phone numbers of any service provider on one page. Welcome to Contact Phone Numbers UK!

A Little about Contact Numbers UK

This is an online telephone directory with a huge database of government and company contact phone numbers. The website provides you the quickest and easiest way to get contact numbers for a range of your favorite UK service providers. 

Did You Know?

Technology has allowed a lot of companies to set up online help centers for their clients and gradually phasing out the telephone contacts. Consequently, it is becoming harder to find the right contact numbers for most companies today. But if you have had an encounter with one of these online help centers, you understand the pain of spending too much time online trying to find the right information to address your concerns. That is why Contact Phone Numbers UK has endeavored to make sure they give you the right direct contact lines to your service providers.

Quick Numbers

The contact phone numbers on this online directory are dedicated to giving you a low cost, fast and convenient alternative to countless other premium online directories. Contact Phone Numbers UK offers you a direct dial, affordable way to connect to your preferred service providers at any time of day.

Contact Phone Numbers Charges

The direct dial service comes with little cost (compared to the tones of time you need to dig through online resources for these numbers. The cost is usually over and above the normal BT landline call rates by about £5pc per minute. It is important to note that charges from other systems vary depending on their service providers.

A Quick Disclaimer

The information contained on this website is not exclusive to Contact Phone Numbers; you can still get some of these numbers from other sources. Most of the companies listed here have their own websites with contact information on them. However, if you want access to a database of a range of service providers, Contact Phone Numbers is your best bet.

Kindly note that Contact Phone Numbers UK is only an online directory with a database of contacts from major service providers. It is in no way associated or linked with any of the companies, government bodies or service providers listed herein. 

Quick Advice

If you need general information it is advisable to check out the websites of the particular service provider you are interested in. In most cases, you will find the information in their rich customer resource bases. If you need a specific concern addressed, you can check out the Help pages as well as the FAQs to see if the information therein can adequately address your concern.

However, if you only want to make a quick follow up on an issue, you can simply make a call without having to go through the process of looking for the specific web pages. In most cases these days, you will find that contact details are emails and postal addresses, information that is not quite helpful in emergency cases. In some cases, you will find phone numbers, and by luck they might be functional, sometimes the sites stay too long with outdated information.

Contact Phone Numbers UK’s list of contacts is regularly updated to include newly opened local offices, changed contacts, as well as includes more service providers as requested by you. 

Words of Caution

There are several online directories today that offer telephone contacts as well as call forwarding services. It is important to note that some sites are premium; this means that they charge a high rate compared to Contact Phone Numbers. Therefore, when using an online directory to contact your preferred service providers, it is important to countercheck the charges. Sites that do not clearly indicate the charges of their services are likely to charge too high, and you only notice it when your phone bill comes in.

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